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CTO’s the Missing Role July 7, 2008

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary.
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In my daily role in Business Development, I constantly see a lot of waste in Tender processes at the extreme level. So much research leading to technology decisions is done by Tender/RFO/RFI/RFx… And in many cases the very nature of the tender process prevents the organisation from shifting course mid-stream based on new-found knowledge, and to the ICT idustry, it is a very wasteful process.

I feel much of this waste could be avoided by redirecting the Tender effort into a properly run and measured CTO’s Office, and I don’t see many of them out there.

The CTO should be the one person to tap when a well considered technology decision is to be made, and a lean CTO’s Office with tremendous networking and research capabilities would be just the element to back the role up.

So why do organisations run the gamut of RFx’s and Tenders? Why tie the organisation into decisions based on a single iteration based on knowledge held at the time of writing the tender document? Why do they often preclude organisations from responding with innovative alternatives? It’s beyond me…

Time we leveraged the great pools of knowledge that are openly available with web technologies these days. Used the Social Networking capabilities of the Web to access pools of knowledge on specific topics. Made intelligent decisions based on all the information available and then went to market knowing what we want for a fair price. That’s the Tender I’d like to respond to… It’s how we buy a car for ourselves, why don’t we apply the wisdom in the organisations we work in?


Glenn Irvine



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