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Lotus Advertising… Time for a new Idea July 23, 2008

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary, Media.
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I saw the recently released Lotus Collaboration Advert from the UK on Ed’s Blog this morning, and after my initial giggle (I really laughed at the guy chewing on the arm bones), and reviewing many of the comments on the Blog Article, I have come to the realisation that IBM Advertising has lost it’s way.

First the “Codernauts” then the “Codernauts 2.0” as I call Ned & Gil, rarely if ever do we see the product (a common complaint from the Lotus Blogger Community), and often it all just comes across as a slapstick comedy which, I feel, does no good for the Lotus Brand or Products.

There are so many great features that are television worthy in the Lotus products. Where do you ever see a product release or Lotusphere type event without product demos. And yet, the advertisers never show it.

I’m sure this may be a legacy of the perception that Notes didn’t look as good as Outlook, but that is ancient history. Look at the following comparison that is often displayed these days (again in the demos).

Notes vs Outlook (You'll have to Squint) 

Notes vs Outlook (You'll have to Squint)

I’m suggesting Lotus Marketers should have a look at some of the early Lotus advertising campaigns… They were catchy. In fairness, no one even notices Gil & Ned ads… I had a horrendous time asking anyone here (including our marketing people) who their names were!

Have a look at some of these videos from the early part of this decade… They catch people’s imaginations.

They were all excellent advertisements (if somewhat dated now) in their day. I would love to see Lotus lift its advertising game before we become the Beta Format of Collaboration.


Glenn Irvine



1. johnrowland - July 23, 2008

Something like the Apple’s “Lemmings” commercial would be appropriate today, since the same lemming mentality is leading decision-makers over the MS cliff.

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