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The Power of the Blog & Microsoft Sphere July 30, 2008

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary, Media, Review.
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I am a day short of the very first month of operating the Lotus Position Blog, and am surprised to see that we have had over 1275 hits in that month, on a topic that is fairly niche in scope. Sites like LotusPlanet.org that are Blog agrregators lend a tremendous amount of support for readership in this regard, demonstrating how effective these forms of social computing can be.

As I continue this latest experiment in the Social Computing Paradigm, I find the nuances of involvement that were unexpected to be the most interesting. The sense of community between Bloggers on similar topics is one I am discovering.

Today I also saw an article from Microsoft Research where they have demonstrated the Microsoft Sphere. This is a new take on the Microsoft Surface concept, and I am sure is of great interest for all the geeks out there. Sure to get the innovative minds crunching, with a view to future opportunities that could leverage the concept.

Have a look at a video of it here.


Glenn Irvine



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