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What will Microsoft “Midori” mean to Lotus August 5, 2008

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Recent discussion around the still somewhat “Under Wraps” project code-named Midori at Microsoft is suggesting a Microsoft Future “Post-Windows”. This, and the rise of industry interest in Virtiualisation, SaaS, and Cloud Computing, all point to a near-term future where consumption of software services will go through a significant disrupting period that will affect us all.

The Midori research is Microsoft’s effort at potentially making significant inroads into market-share for the operating system of a Cloud Future. Many Vendors are already on track to produce offerings for this future. IBM have their Blue House Initiative in the Lotus Space.

If Microsoft can use their Brand power to capture the market with an early Type-1 Hypervisor like Midori, it will have quite a bit of influence on this space going forward. (And the tacit support of Microsoft as a delivery model)

For resellers of products of Microsoft or IBM’s Lotus Brand, it is now time to consider an impending sales model for this “Desktopless” future. It will have a significant impact on their business.

While we have seen the problems inherant in the SaaS models with early adopters like Saleforce.com, it is only a matter of time before Quality of Service via the Internet improves to acceptable levels for greater uptake.

That’s when we will see the build-up of the “Wave”


Glenn Irvine



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