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IE8 Beta & iNotes August 29, 2008

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Commentary, Competitive, Review.
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Just downloaded the IE8 Beta and thought I’d run it through it’s paces.

If you have a look at the features video that Microsoft Communications runs, there are some nice features, like the following.

  1. Accelerators – Speed access to context sensitive services (Ebay, Maps, Search, Wiki, Translation etc)
  2. Webslices – Keeping track of specific content in realtime, like Ebay auctions, Blogs, RSS etc
  3. Search Suggestions – speeding search bar use
  4. One Click favourites – for faster loading
  5. InPrivate Browsing – Anonymising and removing tracking history
  6. Crash recovery
  7. Improved Security & Privacy measures

But once I started doing anything meaningful, like run up iNotes (8.0.1), and even WordPress, I found it started to get very glitchy. (Guess that is why they call it Beta).

Interestingly there is a button right next to the address bar called the “Compatibility View”, and that at least allowed me to do this post. The Hover-over for the button says… “websites designed for older browsers [read: all of them at the moment] will often look better, and problems such as out-of-place menus, images or text will be corrected”

I’ve often wondered about the thought process used by a developer when they come up with a function like this. It stuns me.

Still haven’t got iNotes working completely well, but I have some further testing.

I do have to say, that I like the Webslicing and Accelerators elements. Clearly have done their homework on useability and current browsing habits.

I found the video example used a scenario around buying your wife a diamond ring on the sly for demonstrating the “InPrivate Browsing”. Had to laugh at that one…


Glenn Irvine


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