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New US Federal CIO Announced – Vivek Kundra. Can Australia Learn from This? March 5, 2009

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Advocacy, Blog, Commentary, Futuring.
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The Washington Post has announced the new Chief Information Officer for the Obama Administration: Vivek Kundra. Currently the CTO of the District of Columbia.

The interesting thing about Vivek is his introduction of Google Apps in the DC Government and his use of social technology in the government there. My earlier prediction that Vivek would be the Federal CTO in January was close, just a slight change in the role. This leaves the CTO role still open and I believe a leading candidate there is the current CTO of Cisco, Padmasree Warrior.

The newly created Federal CIO role will have responsibility for Federal Whole of Government initiatives, and will be augmented by a CTO role that he was originally thought to be the main candidate for.

At 34 years of age, Vivek will bring a new understanding of modern social technology to the Whitehouse and the World. He had a significant role in the Obama campaign, and the Web 2.0 and social media that was used in that campaign will no doubt undergo some significant analysis by political organisations around the globe for the major affect they had in the campaign.

Australian politics could learn a lesson or two, the local state election campaign in Queensland hasn’t used these technologies nearly enough, and the younger demographic has not seriously been engaged.  With some maturity and greater understanding of the technologies involved, I see this changing over the next 3 years, and may in fact play a bigger role in our next Federal election.

I feel President Obama has shown some modern thinking and leadership that the ICT industry can take heart in. The very creation of  Federal CIO and CTO positions highlights the critical importance of ICT in our current World. Australia’s politicians should seriously take note…


Glenn Irvine



1. Mike Sivertsen - March 6, 2009

Just one of the major issues with the current excuse for leaders in D.C. is that they are not learning from history (i.e., they have not incorporated lessons learned from the Soviet Union and a state controlled economy into their creeping meld of communism and fascism). Since they are using the power they currently hold to pick winners and losers in all sectors of society, rather than letting the free market, there is no point in risk taking and capital is fleeing the market.

More here at market-ticker:

I wonder if the new CIO will change this? Since his idea of innovation and lesson learned is using new tools, and he is only 34 yrs old, I very much doubt it.

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