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Facebook: Too Popular? August 19, 2009

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary, Media.
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You have to laugh at the litigious nature of our American cousins at times. On the same day that I receive this year’s email about the “Stella Awards” outlining the outrageous successful lawsuits of 2009, I also see an article in the press about a class action against Facebook for essentially being too popular.

Among the plaintiffs are the following:

  1. A woman who joined Facebook in the very early days when it was largely confined to the college campus at Berkley who has a problem with everyone in the rest of the World seeing her information.
  2. A photographer and an actress who argue that Facebook shouldn’t be sharing photos they uploaded to their profiles.
  3. An underage boy (11 years old – requirement is 13) being able to signup to the service.

I have some simple solutions for all of them and will hopefully save the US court system (and Facebook) several millions.

  1. Unsubscribe
  2. Unsubscribe
  3. Parents supervise & unsubscribe

Is that all just a little too simple, or am I missing something? 🙂


Glenn Irvine


1. Maria Helm - August 19, 2009

To your unsubscribe, I would also add “RTFM”. Facebook has just enough complexity that people do need to read the rules/instructions to know what’s going on. The #1 and #2 are complaining about something that only happened because they, themselves, failed to RTFM and understand in advance the privacy settings.

#3 you are absolutely spot-on with.

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