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Global Crowd Sourcing… Watch this Trend! March 25, 2010

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Advocacy, Blog, Commentary, Futuring.
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I’m in the process of establishing an International Charity, and in the setup stages where brand & IP protection are on the agenda, I was looking at sourcing a Logo for the organisation and in my travels came across www.logomyway.com

In essence, marshaling the Global skills in Logo design, but with very low expectations on price.

I hosted a Logo Design competition for US$225 and attracted 85 Entries, most of which were very professional. Have a look at the Portfolio on the site…

Considering that I have seen large Corporates spend north of $10,000 just for a Logo, and there are quite a few Corporates already engaging this way as you can see from the list of existing competitions on the site, I expect this will be a very popular way to look at off-shoring the skills required for this type of work.

While this has been done for Software Coding for a while now, it is interesting to see that Australia is becoming quite a hub for the technologies used to make this happen.

While Googling for “Global Crowd Sourcing”, I noticed an article on PRLog.com that suggests there are at least 3 Global Crowd Sourcing Platforms that have been built in this country.

If my “customer experience” of using this type of service is anything to go by, and I might add, I’ve used a similar service for Professional Translation Services, all be it without the multi-designer/bidding paradigm, then this will be very popular for the small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits etc.


Glenn Irvine



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