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CeBit 2010: Amazon Dismisses Private Clouds May 24, 2010

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Advocacy, Blog, Events, Futuring, Media.
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Article in today’s ARN Magazine cites Amazon vice-president and CTO, Werner Vogels, at his Keynote at CeBit in Sydney this morning dismissing Private Cloud Advocates.

Werner used an analogy of companies installing personal electricity generators when a public utility was available, also stating that much of this hype (read FUD) around Private Clouds was led by Hardware Vendors that stand to lose significantly in this space.

Read the ARN Article here:



Glenn Irvine


1. Ian Randall - May 24, 2010

I tend to agree with Herr Vogels with regard to the security of Public Clouds, but there is still some very public examples of the failure of Public Clouds to provide the same level of availability as Private Clouds, as anyone that has used Google and particularly Google Office over the last two years will attest.

2. Stephan H. Wissel - May 24, 2010

The reliability of the Internet is IMHO lower than that of the Indian* power grid. Now go see any Indian property developer and ask about the necessity of private generators.

* I just pick one example, you could replace that with almost any other country.

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