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About a Collaborative View

“A Collaborative View” is a narrative blog on the happenings in the Collaborative, Cloud , and Social Computing technologies space, with Global input, both technical and in the competitive space, and an Asia Pacific Region business-centric view.

In particular some of the futuring and happenings in the Collaboration and Social Computing World will be popular topics.

Author of a Collaborative View…

Glenn Irvine [LinkedIn Profile]

Principal Account Executive at Eos Solutions

Glenn Irvine is the Northern Region (Qld,NT,WA) Sales Manager for Hedloc, the Premier Google Enterprise Business Partner in Australia. Hedloc works with some of the cutting edge Cloud/Collaborative/GEO/Search Computing technologies in the Corporate Market.

Glenn has been instrumental in the introduction of these technologies for his clients ranging from Public Sector Agencies to large Enterprise Corporations.

He is active in the software industry within Queensland and Australia, and has spoken at IT conferences and produced articles on the adoption of these leading Portal and Web2.0/Social Computing technologies. He actively participates in the Australian Information Industry Association, and Software Queensland. Hedloc is a World leading implementation partner for Google Enterprise Technologies, with a World-first Innovation Centre.

Glenn has achieved the WebSphere Top Gun award with IBM (2005) and has also achieved the IBM Resellers Award for Software Group in Queensland two years in a row in 2006 and 2007.

He is sales certified in the IBM SSM and SPIN Sales Methodologies.

Glenn is currently the Secretary for Software Queensland responsible for the media and communications portfolio, and has spoken on the Industry opportunities for ICT Students at Secondary College Futures Advisory Boards, at Griffith University’s ICT Faculty (BIT@Work Program), and a Keynote for the Qld Government’s ICT Factor 2007 and Food Factor 2009.

In 2008 Glenn was appointed to the ICT Industry Advisory Board for Griffith University, the Futures Advisory Board of Sheldon College, and the Advisory Board of the Australian School of the Arts (ASTA). In 2010 Glenn was appointed to the Qld Treasurer’s ICT Ministerial Advisory Group.



1. Glenn Irvine - July 4, 2008

Note: All commentary on “A Collaborative View” is mine and mine alone. It may not represent the opinions of either Eos Solutions or any of the Vendors mentioned within.

2. Chong - February 14, 2014

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