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2010: CIO Focus – Cloud, Web2.0/Social, Virtualisation, Mobility January 20, 2010

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CIO Magazine published an article that has been summarizing the persistent view, and Tech Media interest over the last few weeks as all the pundits do the usual “What are we going to see as the primary focus for the new year in technology” pieces.

In summary, the research by Gartner that has been cited in the article emphasizes the focus on efficiencies that can be gained by leveraging lighter weight solutions like Cloud and Virtualisation, as well as embracing the wave of Web2.0/Social mediums and the greater networking/mobility needs.

Of particular interest is the degree of change of focus towards these technologies (in particular Cloud & Web2.0) as is evidenced in the following snippet…

“CIOs put virtualization as a top priority for 2010, up from the third position in 2009. Yet Cloud Computing  technologies shot up from the 16th slot to the No. 2 priority for CIOs. Web 2.0 technologies moved from 15th position to No. 3, and networking, voice and data communications hopped two spots from sixth position in 2009 to fourth in 2010.”

I’m seeing a stronger and stronger outlook for Cloud and Web2.0/Social technologies over this next year. Another likely disruptive technology on the horizon will be the mix of Google’s initiatives on it’s Nexus One smartphone and the release of Google Voice. While it is early days for the phone, and its maturity will be a work in progress, the powerful combination of the two will be something to watch.

Read the full Article here.


Glenn Irvine