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Collaborative View is going to the Cloud! May 27, 2010

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary, Futuring, Launch.
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Just a bit of a make-over for “A Collaborative View”… In line with my move into the World of Google, I am rebadging this blog and that brings with it a new name.

So from this post forward my blog is going to be called “Looking to the Cloud”, and the old web address of http://www.collaborativeview.com will still point to it for a period as any that are following the blog make the transition to:


Both addresses will get you here in the interim, and all the old content has been imported into the new site.

I’m looking forward to this journey as we look to the Cloud and all the interesting trends and new technologies, and the benefits (and challenges) that we face as we see the World make that transition as well.

Let me know what you think!


Glenn Irvine


CeBit 2010: Amazon Dismisses Private Clouds May 24, 2010

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Advocacy, Blog, Events, Futuring, Media.
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Article in today’s ARN Magazine cites Amazon vice-president and CTO, Werner Vogels, at his Keynote at CeBit in Sydney this morning dismissing Private Cloud Advocates.

Werner used an analogy of companies installing personal electricity generators when a public utility was available, also stating that much of this hype (read FUD) around Private Clouds was led by Hardware Vendors that stand to lose significantly in this space.

Read the ARN Article here:



Glenn Irvine

Cloud Interest Increasing in Australia – Salesforce Numbers show 33% Increase March 30, 2010

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Salesforce.com has released data indicating a 33% increase in the number of customers in Australia and New Zealand with an increase of 700 to 2800 customers overall in the last year.

I’m not the slightest bit surprised given this covers the worst of the GFC when organisations would have investigated lower-cost alternatives for their operations.

Even Google uses Salesforce for their CRM, so you don’t get a better endorsement for the product than from a company whose complete business model is built around Cloud operational models.

This article from ZDNet highlights the Salesforce release.


Glenn Irvine