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Google Wave Presentation by Lars Rasmussen June 30, 2009

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog.
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I am sitting in the presentation by Dr Lars Rasmussen from Google about the story of Google Maps and what he calls a “stealthy” project called Google Wave.

Presentations of Maps used in Hurricane Katrina, the Victorian Fires, the number of users of Google Maps Worldwide and the Volunteer map builders used in places like Zimbabwe.

Lars just mentioned that Streetview was a Stanford Project. (Which happened to be where Larry & Sergey went to University)

I just asked Lars about the issue that some people have commented about, with live presentation of text as it is typed… His response was that you adjust to the nature of this and that some people will respond before you have even corrected your spelling.

Wrapping up with what Wave is all about. I see Sharepoint squarely in the sights.


Glenn Irvine