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President Obama’s Technology Vision November 5, 2008

Posted by Glenn Irvine in Blog, Commentary, Futuring.
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With a decisive victory for Barrack Obama looking assured in the US Presidential Election today, I thought it might be worthwhile looking at his Technology Vision, as this will no doubt impact our industry globally.

Here are a few elements from Obama’s website (Policy/Platform) – http://www.barackobama.com/issues/technology/

Some main points worth considering:

  • He plans to appoint the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Obama will revolutionise Government’s use of technology and promote a Connected Democracy
  • In a recent interview Obama said he’d like to take what he and his team have learned about using technology in the campaign and apply it to government. He was primarily referring to electronic communications.
  • The fact that he’s talked about making electronic medical records a key part of his health care plan (as a way to drive efficiency) shows that he generally views technology as a powerful enabler
  • He has a strong Green IT Agenda
  • Obama has a broader vision for broadband by thinking of it as the next standard utility and will undertake a significant broadband deployment
  • Obama is a strong supporter of Net Neutrality
  • He will invest in Universities and R&D by providing new research grants to the most outstanding early-career researchers in the country
  • Reform and modernise the patent system
  • His first sponsored bill that became law was “Google for Government,” which shows his interest in technology

All in all, I think Obama will be good for the IT industry, he will bring a younger and practiced approach to technology into the Whitehouse, his use of technology on the campaign trail was extensive, and I feel we will see more of that in his Presidency.

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Glenn Irvine