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Media Release: Advocating Software Innovation in Recessionary Times February 8, 2009

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Here is a sneak preview of a Media Release I will be distributing on the weekend, in my role on the Board of Software Queensland.

Hopefully, we will make some leeway in driving businesses to look at software initiatives in the Collaborative Space.

Software Industry Body Advocates Innovation in Recessionary Times

BRISBANE, Queensland (February 9, 2009) Australian businesses should be working on technology and process innovation now, to build a “Platform for Growth” that will boost their efficiency and enable them to enter the next economic cycle from a position of strength, advises Software Queensland, the industry advocacy association of Queensland-based Software Companies.

“During recessionary times, when many businesses are scaling back operations, they are presented with the unique opportunity of being able to focus spare capacity towards finally tackling business improvement initiatives, including the adoption of software solutions for automation, collaboration, and restructuring IT environments,” said Glenn Irvine, Secretary of Software Queensland

“While the focus is on cost reduction, investments should be made now, so efficiencies can be achieved in time for the recovery”.

Unfortunately, many companies wait for the recovery before releasing funds to look at investments in business process improvements, and miss or are unable to take full advantage of the business opportunities presented during the next economic lift.

“Simply put, now is the time to prepare that ‘Platform for Growth’, and invest in software driven initiatives that strengthens the business’ operational efficiency and competitive advantage”, Mr Irvine said.

Implementation of electronic workflow initiatives that replace paper based forms, not only save significant costs, but also aids an organisation’s Green agenda as well. Collaboration solutions save businesses’ travel and staff costs, and enable organisational growth and flexibility of working arrangements.

It may also be a time to look at the IT environment and consider the efficiencies of restructuring and possibly outsourcing various common services, like email support, or offerings that can be provided as a service (Software as a Service or SaaS).

Implementation of well established practice solutions that manage the operations of the organisation could be investigated, along with a review and potentially revitalising the business’ website.

Software Queensland members provide many of these solutions, and Queensland businesses should look at taking advantage of this current time to explore the opportunity to save costs.

“Governments, both Federal and State, that want to provide an economic stimulus should start by ‘Leading by Example’ with a Mandate for Government Agencies to Automate their many paper-based form processes,” said Mr Irvine.  “This would certainly provide a boost for the ICT Sector.”

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Software Queensland (www.softwareqld.com.au) is the recognised professional industry association for those companies working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Queensland who manufacture, licence and sell their own intellectual property. Software Queensland seeks to raise awareness of the ICT industry and represent its member’s views to government, industry and the community. It provides both members and non-members with opportunities for professional education and networking, as well as enabling them to contribute to the development of their industry. Today the association has more than seventy member companies including national and internationally renowned ICT identities such as Microsoft, IBM, Mincom, Wotif, GBST, Technology One, Shortcuts Software, Softlink, Sundata and Eos Solutions.


Glenn Irvine

Recession IT Spending Prioritisation – Collaboration! November 26, 2008

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I liked this article in CIO Magazine that listed some of the best methods for prioritising IT Spending during a recession.

For many of us, it goes without saying that implementing sound Collaboration strategies and tools that support our workforce, leads to significant cost savings, and something that is not always considered during recessionary times, employee satisfaction.

The following excerpt from the article paints the picture…

“Collaborate Without Collocation

New and improved tools for collaboration make it easier to reduce travel. From videoconferencing to sophisticated ubiquitous computing scenarios, users have more options for gathering virtually without loss of productivity.”


Glenn Irvine