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Social Networking Etiquette – Two Great Articles December 8, 2008

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Two great articles in CIO Magazine this week outline the Dos and Don’ts for using LinkedIn and Facebook.

Interestingly, these are the two Social Networking technologies that I predominantly use on a day to day basis.

Like many, I largely have LinkedIn for managing my purely professional network; suppliers, clients, vendors, industry colleagues etc. Facebook on the other hand extends into my social circles, but maintains a somewhat professional face. (pardon the pun)

The two articles in CIO magazine are quick 5 point Dos and Don’ts for both these technologies. I agree with all the points made,¬†and for people who have not spent much time in either, the articles are good primers.

You will find the articles here:


Glenn Irvine

Facebook Social Networking Visualisation – Project Palantir November 24, 2008

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This is an interesting Visualisation demo for Facebook usage.

Have a look at the video demonstrating communications and volumes of comms between the various places on the globe.

Interesting to note the large tracks of this planet that still do not exhibit much traffic on the web, or more specifically, have not evolved to significant Social networking use.

I also couldn’t help but like the Project title… Speaks to my LOTR interest. Clever title.


Glenn Irvine

Big News Day in the Lotus World… July 10, 2008

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First the news that Alan Lepofsky is leaving IBM and off to SocialText, and I attended a Distributor Launch event for Foundations, read an interesting article on “The six commandments of social networking at work” on ComputerWorld, and we are gearing up for the launch of the iPhone here in Australia tomorrow morning. (Backing up my current iPhone tonight in anticipation of picking up my new 3G model in the morning.)

All the best to Alan… I have followed his blog second only to Ed Brill’s for some time now, and SocialText will be picking up a great asset in Alan.

With the Lotus Foundations breakfast, I see a great potential with this product for the micro to small business market here in Australia. I’m hoping the Bluewash process doesn’t take the shine off the Nitix value proposition for their products. I was impressed with the ease of install demonstrated by Matt Webb in the presentation.

The article on Social Networking is an excellent one, and in summary nails some important issues with the 6 main points the author has made.

  1. Thou shalt present yourself respectfully and honestly
  2. Thou shalt ask: Do I want to explain this to an employer in 10 years? Or to my boss now?
  3. Thou shalt set boundaries
  4. Thou shalt not limit thy employees’ time on social networks*
    *Unless it seriously cuts into their productivity
  5. Thou shalt not leave thy employees to founder, but lay down workplace guidelines
  6. Thou shalt remember: We are all still figuring this out

Well worth the read…

And finally, The official launch of the 3G iPhone here in Australia takes place in some stores in less than 2 hours with midnight openings in the major CBDs… I’m going to wait for the civilised opening of a local telco franchise in the morning (Too old to be queuing in the middle of winter at Midnight), and besides, I’ve had an iPhone for the last 9 months or so, so the wow factor is well and truely past. I am however looking forward to the 3G capability as I have had to settle for the Wireless connectivity to date.

I will be very keen to see the new iNotes functionality in 8.0.2 for supporting the iPhone. So far the best I have had is wireless access to Webmail… You can read it but not author new emails.

I’m looking forward to posting my next Blog entry via the 3G capability on the iPhone tomorrow!


Glenn Irvine