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Google Gears has Launched – Providing Offline Gmail January 30, 2009

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In announcements today, Google Gears has gone live, essentially allowing offline use of Gmail.

This is a big step for Google, addressing one of the major drawbacks in comparing Gmail to other Enterprise email systems.

Read the article in ComputerWorld here.

By the way… Did I mention that Postini offers 10 years of Email Archival with the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Services they provide?

That’s a major competitive angle in comparison with Messagelabs (Symantec)


Glenn Irvine


Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session Highlights in 1 minute – Many Announcements January 20, 2009

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Well at a glance from the Flickr photos and the live blogs, these are the highlights at this year’s Lotusphere Opening General Session…


  1. Dan Akroyd was a Special Guest Speaker
  2. Coca-Cola, Netjets, and HSBC all spoke at the OGS
  3. Blackberry BES Server supported by Domino 8.5 already
  4. Blackberry now supports all the Lotus Applications incl. Sametime, Quickr, Connections
  5. Announcing: At 7am US-EST  (10pm here in Australia) Lotus Bluehouse became www.lotuslive.com
  6. Lotus Live will include more from acquistions
  7. Symphony 1.3 will support Office 2007 Formats
  8. Announcing: Project Atlantic IBM Lotus/SAP is now called “Alloy”
  9. Announcing: IBM Smartmarket – an “AppStore” for IBM BP Applications
  10. IBM Partnering with OpenNTF
  11. Lotus Foundations will soon be shipping with VMWare Support
  12. N-Way Conference Calls demonstrated on Sametime 8.5
  13. Lotus Connections introducing Microblogging & Facebook Wall like functionality
  14. Lotus Live is for all size companies (from 1+ users)
  15. Lotus Live announcing partnerships with Salesforce.com, LinkedIn & Skype
  16. Portal Logo has gone Yellow !!!
  17. Revamped Lotus Ads are looking better (US)

Have a look at the Flickr Images.

And these screenshots of Lotuslive & Smartmarket.




Glenn Irvine

Livescribe Smartpen – Review January 20, 2009

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I’ve come across this device before, but it has really caught my eye of late, potentially due to the great website they now have.


The Livescribe Smartpen captures both the audio and your writing on the fly using a dot paper method that allows an infrared camera in the pen to very accurately track what you are writing/drawing.

Controls at the bottom of each page add to the features like playing back the audio (as it was captured related to what you were writing at the time).

This device would be excellent for University Students for lectures, and at Conferences.

Apparently the 2GB version of the pen can record over 200 hours of audio!

At first I thought having to use the dot paper would be a bit of a catch, but they now let you print dot paper at no more cost than your printing costs.

I do like the Livescribe journals though… You can have up to 4 on the go at any time.


I noted that captured pages and the associated audio can be shared through media like Facebook, email and through the Livescribe desktop and online community.

Probably one of the better writing digitizers I have seen on the market, and it seems to be gathering interest and some excellent reviews.


Glenn Irvine

New Name for “The Lotus Position”… A Collaborative View January 13, 2009

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I have decided at the start of this year that seeing many of my posts relate to a broader technology base than just the Lotus range of products, it would be appropriate to have a more generic name for the Blog.

So as of today, I have re-badged the Blog “A Collaborative View”. This allows me to range amongst many of the topics across many Vendors without a perceptable bias.

If you have been following the Blog by RSS Feed, the existing WordPress address (https://thelotusposition.wordpress.com) will continue to operate for about another week, at which point I will change it over appropriately. As of today, (www.collaborativeview.com) will point to this Blog, and I will end the earlier name in due course.


Glenn Irvine

New US Federal CTO is a fan of Mashups January 7, 2009

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I’m being a bit cheeky with an early prediction (but it is the month for predictions), and all the pundits are predicting that the new United States CTO, due to be announced later today, will be the current CTO of the District of Columbia, Vivek Kundra.

A quick glance at his Blog, will show why he is the leading favourite with a penchant for the Democratisation of Public Sector Information, and transparency of government information. Major planks of President-Elect Obama’s IT Strategy.

Interestingly, he also has a strong interest for Mashups. Something that will no doubt be of interest to those that follow the Collaborative (Service Oriented) technologies.

In a few hours as Obama’s Cabinet is finalised, we will see if Kundra makes the cut.


Glenn Irvine

Notes 8.5 Announced and Released at MacWorld January 7, 2009

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Notes 8.5 has been released into Electronic General Availability (eGA), and I’m downloading the client as we speak.

I noticed the announcement at MacWorld today emphasised not only the release of 8.5, but also the free Lotus Symphony applications (1.2.1)

Ed Brill has the MacWorld Lotus Presentation on his Blog. Here’s a link.

So the wait is over… You can download the new client and the Domino Server now!

Look forward to giving it a quick review in the next week.


Glenn Irvine