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2010: The Changing Face of the Internet – Globalisation December 29, 2009

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One of the interesting trends to watch unfold in 2010 is the release of the US centric controlling interests in ICANN with the late 2009 Management changes and the acceptance of non-latin characters for internet addresses.

When you think about it, this has the potential (and inevitable) eventuality of strongly changing the character of the predominantly english content of the web over time, and the knock-on effects that brings… How do you enter the website address for an arabic website in farsi? or a doublebyte website address for a japanese site in kanji?

How will an english speaking user even find such a site? (watch the power of Google Translate come to the fore)

Have a look at this article in today’s Australian by Mahesh Sharma…


He has an interesting outlook on the effects this may bring about, including the World shift of innovation, commercialisation and educational excellence as the US cedes control of this space.

With the emerging giants in China and India, this may very well take an interesting turn…


Glenn Irvine


2010: The Google v. Microsoft War to Intensify December 23, 2009

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A great Analyst piece was released by ComputerWorld today outlining the outlook (no pun intended) for the battle between Google and Microsoft in 2010.

Have a look at the article by Sharon Gaudin in the US that was released this morning:


This snippet from the article is a good  summary:

[“These two companies really squared off this year,” said Jim McGregor, an analyst with In-Stat. “Both are looking for dominant positions in the Internet. For Google to increase its business, it needs to move into other territory. For Microsoft to have significant growth opportunities, it needs to become an Internet powerhouse, and they know it. This is not a war that is going to be won by one or two battles. This is going to be a prolonged activity.”

He added that the battle isn’t simply over which can be called top dog, because the fight is critical to both companies. “For Google, it’s about expanding, and for Microsoft, it’s about a life-or-death challenge,” McGregor said.]

I noticed with amounts paid for both Google’s ($15M) and Microsoft’s ($10M) ability to search the Twitter stream this week, we have a fairly healthy indicator of the battle between the two over online search.


Another article this week alluded to Google’s current research (some 25 odd projects) into increasing internet speeds.


I think 2010 is going to be an interesting year in this space as we see the battle for domination of the web pan out.


Glenn Irvine

The New Google Phone – Nexus December 14, 2009

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Had a look at the images that have been leaking via Twitter of the proposed new Google Phone – or Nexus…

Looks awfully like the HTC Dragon to me… From what I have seen so far… only two of the navigation icons are different.

It will be interesting to see what finally comes out though, and whether Google Voice will be available on it when it does.

One step closer to true unified Comms!


Glenn Irvine